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I am an apprentice at Fleur Noire Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York.

Where are you located?

I open my books in the middle of the month for the next month (Ex. April books open mid-March)!

The booking form link can be found here.

How do I book with you?

Right here! However, my Instagram,, is the most up to date with new designs. I draw and post flash pretty sporadically, but hopefully will be more consistent with releasing flash in the future.

Where can I see your flash?

Custom ideas that lean more into a surreal style - I love when people give me quotes/song lyrics/poetry and tell me to interpret it! Also, anything with some sort of narrative behind it.

What customs do you like to do?

I usually will send you the custom design a day before your appointment, and we can make any necessary adjustments. If it is a custom design that is a bit more involved, I will have more of a back-and-forth with you through email to discuss the drawing.

Can I see my custom design before the appointment?

The deposit required to confirm your appointment spot is non-refundable.

I understand if an emergency comes up, and will try to reschedule a date with you, given that I have at least a day's notice. If you simply do not show up at your scheduled time, I will not be tattooing you in the future.

On cancellations fees and policies:

Sorry, I don’t sell my designs and I would like to be the person to tattoo them.

Please respect this and do not take my work without permission.

Can I get your design tattooed by someone else?

I do not currently have plans to travel, but would love to do so in the future. Updates on this will likely be announced on my Instagram,

Do you have plans to travel and guest-spot?

I charge $200 minimum, and I do not charge by the hour. The price will depend on the size and complexity of the design.

How much do you charge?

frequently asked:

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